Otani Unicode Tibetan Lanaguage Kit now on MacOS X Leopard

Kyoto, Japan, Oct 26, 2007

Otani University Shin-Buddhist Comprehensive Research Institute (SBCRI) announces today that its Tibetan Language Kit, a set of fonts and keyboards used in the display and entry of Tibetan text, is now included in the standard install of the Apple MacOS 10.5 (“Leopard”) operating system.

The Otani Unicode Tibetan Language Kit for Macintosh, based on work originally developed in Bhutan in 1988, has been developed by the SBCRI and made freely available since 1996 and for free download on Otani University’s website since 2000. This release, developed in collaboration with Apple’s OS Frameworks Software Engineering group, introduces the first collaboration with a major computer manufacturer.

With this release, now all Macintosh users can display and input Tibetan text as easily as they do in English and Japanese. Web browsers, email and chat, spreadsheets, databases, page layout, and most other Macintosh applications can be used to communicate and create documents in Tibetan text.

This represents a major upgrade to the previous version of the Tibetan Language Kit, because it now implements the Unicode™ standard encoding for Tibetan characters. This allows documents created on a Macintosh to be read and edited by software running on Windows Vista, Linux, and all other operating systems which support Unicode.

With conversion utilities also developed by the SBCRI, the entire collection of its Tibetan Works Research Project has now been converted to Unicode. The SBCRI plans to make these works available on the Internet throughout this year in the form of web pages.